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Ping Golf

Ping Golf began life in 1959 when founder Karsten Solheim starting making putters in his garage. The rest as they say is history.......

In 1961 Karsten Solheim he invented his first set of irons which he named "69", which he considered to be a good round of golf. Solheim continued to experiment with the effects of good heel-toe weighting in his irons and also milled a cavity into the steel back of the irons for added forgiveness.

By 1962 Ping had their first PGA Tour victory at the Cajun Classic Open Invitational by John Barnum. Sales of the PING putters rose as the popularity steadily increased. The Golf World Cup of 1965 brought even greater sales of the garage-made PING putters as many of the top players used the PING putters during the televised event in Japan.
Since then Ping products can boast of over 500 Tour wins and almost 50 major victories. Each of those victories is marked by the casting of two gold putters - one for the player and one to remain at Ping's headquarters. More than 2500 putters - along with a few wedges including Bob Tway's 1986 Ping Eye2 that he used to win the USPGA - currently reside in the gold putter vault, a reminder, if any were needed, of the revolutionary affect Karsten Solheim and the company he singlehandedly created almost 50 years ago has had on world golf.

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Ping i Blade Steel Irons 4-PW

Ping i Blade Steel Irons 4-PW£849.00   £779.00

Ping i200 Graphite Irons 4-PW

Ping i200 Graphite Irons 4-PW£849.00   £749.00

Ping G LE Ladies Combo Set

Ping G LE Ladies Combo Set£759.00   £669.00

Ping G Graphite Irons 5--PW

Ping G Graphite Irons 5--PW£699.00   £629.00

Ping G400 Graphite Irons 5-PW

Ping G400 Graphite Irons 5-PW£699.00   £629.00

Ping i200 Steel Irons 5-PW

Ping i200 Steel Irons 5-PW£749.00   £629.00

Ping GMax Graphite Irons 5-PW

Ping GMax Graphite Irons 5-PW£649.00   £595.00

Ping G Steel Irons 5--PW

Ping G Steel Irons 5--PW£649.00   £589.00

Ping G400 Steel Irons 5-SW

Ping G400 Steel Irons 5-SW£649.00   £589.00

Ping G LE Ladies Irons 6-SW

Ping G LE Ladies Irons 6-SW£649.00   £569.00

Ping GMax Steel Irons 5-PW

Ping GMax Steel Irons 5-PW£549.00   £469.00

Ping Pioneer Monsoon Trolley Bag

Ping Pioneer Monsoon Trolley Bag£269.00   £249.00

Ping Hoofer Monsoon Stand Bag

Ping Hoofer Monsoon Stand Bag£199.00   £179.99

Ping DLX Trolley Bag

Ping DLX Trolley Bag£199.00   £169.00

Ping Hoofer 14 Way Stand Bag

Ping Hoofer 14 Way Stand Bag£180.00   £169.00

Ping Pioneer Trolley Bag

Ping Pioneer Trolley Bag£199.00   £159.00

Ping Hoofer Stand Bag

Ping Hoofer Stand Bag£165.00   £134.99

Ping Traverse Ladies Trolley Bag

Ping Traverse Ladies Trolley Bag£149.00   £129.00

Ping Traverse Trolley Bag

Ping Traverse Trolley Bag£149.00   £129.00

Ping 4 Series Stand Bag

Ping 4 Series Stand Bag£155.00   £119.99

Ping MoonLite Carry Bag

Ping MoonLite Carry Bag£70.00   £59.99

Ping Tour Umbrella 68 inch

Ping Tour Umbrella 68 inch£39.99   £35.99

Ping Ladies 62 inch umbrella

Ping Ladies 62 inch umbrella£39.99   £34.99


Page 1 of 1:    26 Items