Yonex Ezone XP Mens Driver

Yonex Ezone XP Mens Driver
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Brand:  Yonex
Dexterity:  Right Hand

Yonex Ezone XP Driver

When you look down on the driver at address the head is made up of two colours to aid easier alignment. Yonex have included a carbon composite crown that has allowed them to save 8 grams of weight and relocate the Centre of Gravity with the use of a tungsten screw in the sole of the club.

By moving the screw further away from the face Yonex have been able to achieve a much higher launch with less spin so that the balls speeds will be higher and the distance the ball carries will be longer.

Therefore Yonex have created a head that weighs more than any other driver.

Yonex have placed a Sound Rib inside the head of the golf club and strengthened the sole of the club to make the sound off of the face a lot more appealing to golfers, it sounds a lot more solid than previous drivers, and there will be no ringing in your ears after taking your shot.

Yonex design, engineer and make all of the own golf shafts with the latest graphite technology and in the world of graphite they are regarding as market leaders and the shaft that comes as standard in the Ezone XP is no different.

The Ezone XP Shaft is called the EX300, it is lightweight and the playing characteristics will help you launch the ball higher and increase the distance you carry the ball through the air without sacrificing distance due to the unique way the shaft is made.

Then the most important piece of the club, the grip. Yonex have added 20 grams of tungsten powder to the end of the grip to make it heavier.

The reason Yonex have done this is the Ezone XP because they needed to counterbalance the club. Because they have a heavier than standard head and lightweight shaft the club would always be head heavy with a standard grip, but by adding the tungsten weight in the grip Yonex have managed to counterbalance the weight of the clubhead and shaft, and the results are amazing.

Combine all of the technology with the new Quick Adjustment System that will allow up to 8 different loft and lie combinations to fine tune your shape and trajectory.

The result is the Ezone XP is a perfectly weighted club that will deliver more power with less effort.

Headcover and wrench included

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